Employer Name: UCLA

Job Title: Pre-Award Analyst

Salary Range: $55K - $70K

Job Summary: In compliance with all university and agency applicable policies and guidelines, provide comprehensive pre-award support for extramural proposals and postaward activity as directed. Will assist the Designated Grant Administrator (GA) for the Department of Neurology in all aspects of pre-award management. Provides comprehensive pre-award support to the faculty and research staff of the department. In doing so, the incumbent is responsible for assisting with all pre award preparation and the review of all contract and grant proposals submitted by the department on behalf of the Principal Investigators. Responsibilities include providing excellent customer service to Department PIs and working as a collaborative team member to optimize the overall function of the Grant Administration unit. Assist in general research administration duties and tasks as directed. With general supervision by the Senior and Principal Admin Analyst supervisor(s), the Administrative Analyst will set priorities and complete ongoing tasks to meet the programmatic needs of the faculty, while complying with University policies and funding agencies' requirements.

Job Duties: Maintain strong working knowledge in all areas of contract and grant preparation and management including transfer of grants between institutions. Maintain strong working knowledge of proposal related programs and platforms, such as, eCommons, Grants.gov, Cayuse, ORA Portal, etc. Uphold the highest standards related to enforcement of policies and procedures of funding agencies, and the policies and procedures in OCGA, EFM, accounting, material management and other university services. Maintain working knowledge in all areas of contract and grant management including transfer of grants between institutions, policies and procedures of funding agencies and general policies and procedures in OCGA, EFM, ORA units, Gen Accounting, Purchasing and other university RA units. Advise PIs on all aspects in the preparation of proposals for submission deadlines. Analyze all funding opportunities relative to their requested budgets to ensure maximum efficiency in resource utilization. Analyze new, continuing and renewal applications, and advise PIs on action needed to maintain and/or maximize C&G award values. Analyze proposal applications for compliance to Agency guidelines and make appropriate recommendations to PIs. Meet monthly with grant administrators to review and analyze pending funding opportunities. Provide general proposal resource guidance in addition to highly specialized Requests for Applications (RFA) guidance. Interpret and communicate fiscal policy and procedure and coordinate inclusion of the campus¿ financial and accounting protocols in proposal budget preparation. Review and process Request for Approval to Spend Funds (eRAS) if funding allocation has not been received. Manage all internal documents for department such as, Letter of Intent, Progress Reports/RPPR, JIT, any Pre-award request, EPASS, Conflict of Interest Disclosures (eDGE), PI Exception letters, Supplemental information, Revised budget request, NCTE, all 700¿s, Carry forward request, PI Change, Department Change, Relinquishments, Statement of Work Revisions, etc. Provide budget management, funding analysis and recommendations to maximize funding opportunities, including scope of funding request, personnel effort, salaries and benefits for academic, staff and research series employees, and other categorical lines in proposal budgets. Audit and authorize categorical requests in C&G proposals to comply with UCLA policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the areas of entertainment, foreign travel per diem, purchasing, consultants and subaward documentation and budget preparation. Communicate and abridge complex instructions to a variety of personnel with limited experience in proposal preparation. Respond to requests from faculty and staff for guideline interpretation and proposal preparation guidance while working under multiple deadlines. Participate in process improvement efforts, both by contributing ideas and solutions as well as embracing changing practices and procedures. Other duties as assigned by Director, Assistant Director, CAO, Chair and CFO.

Job Requirements: What you will bring to the team: Demonstrate strong proficiency in proposal systems including eCommons, Cayuse, Grants.gov, and all related programs and applications. Demonstrate strong skill and ability to interpret funding agency and University policies and procedures. Demonstrate rapid and effective communications with OCGA and Extramural Fund Management. Demonstrate strong proficiency in interpreting, complex RFAs and similar documents. Strong ability to reduce complex instructions into specific instructions to support staff under extreme deadline pressures. Demonstrate skill in financial analysis to monitor and project fiscal performance, to develop and manage complex budgets and to prepare and explain financial reports. Demonstrate skill in interpreting and explaining terms and conditions of a contract or grant using knowledge of extramural awards for State, Federal, local and private agencies. Demonstrate in-depth comprehension of UCLA general and subsidiary ledgers including FSO100, FSO103, FSO105, FSO109, FSO150 and PPP530. Demonstrate skills in fully utilizing UCLA on-line financial reporting system, BruinBuy, Travel Express, PAC, (purchasing and accounts payable) and QDB (query data base) to perform financial analysis. Demonstrate knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and their practical applications in fund management and accounting. Demonstrate knowledge of accounting principles and practices in accrual and deferral, responsibility accounting, break-even analysis and work-in-progress. Demonstrate knowledge of UCLA accounting policies, procedures, ledgers and forms. Ability to interpret, analyze and evaluate financial information related to C&G fund management. Demonstrate skill in processing and preparing UCLA forms including, but not limited to, transfer of funds, financial journal, purchase requisitions, department deposit record, departmental repair authorization, check requests, BruinBuy, Travel Express, and interdepartmental recharge request. Demonstrate proficiency using a PC in a Windows and Network environment. Skill using Apple computers preferred. Demonstrate strong skills in using Microsoft Access, Word, and Excel to create financial worksheets, maintain database files, create correspondence, and prepare reports. Ability to complete special projects in a timely manner as assigned. Strong communication and interpersonal skills to develop and maintain cooperative working relationship with OES colleagues, staff, faculty, vendors and other campus departments. Ability to gain knowledge of Senior Supervisor and assume those senior responsibilities as needed or assigned.

Job Listing: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=oC4xcfw9&s=Association_CARA
First Name: Lindsay
Last Name: Brown
Title: Recruiting Coordinator
Address 1:
State: Washington
Phone: 2067077421
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=oC4xcfw9&s=Association_CARA

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